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Environment Centre

Our school has developed an ‘Environment Centre’ that houses chickens, a vegetable garden, a composting system and a worm farm.  The school community planned and built the centre in 2010, assisted by two teachers and the wider community who offered their skills and materials to the project.  The centre makes productive use of the school’s food scrap wastage and teaches students about the importance of enterprise, biodiversity and sustainability. The produce grown, and eggs produced are used for cooking and enterprises.

Classes take turns in our school to tend the gardens, with the produce being used for cooking and promoting healthy eating. Students plant seeds, raise them to seedlings, then transplant to the garden beds. Students monitor their growth and are becoming familiar with and trying different fruits, vegetables and the foods made with them.

Eggs fertilised by our rooster Kip are hatched in an incubator in a different class each year, with the chicks being reared by students and sold to raise funds for further development of the centre. Eggs are collected daily by different classes on a roster system, and they are very well fed by scraps from all classes.

The ‘Environment Centre’ introduces a ‘patch to plate’ program within the school from R-7.  It encompasses teaching children the importance of biodiversity whilst teaching them the skills required to achieve this.  Community involvement with the project has allowed for these concepts to spread beyond the classroom and into the wider community via family homes.

We will be beginning a propagation program with support from SENRM, propagating native trees, shrubs and grasses which will be used in revegetaqtion projects both within the school's nature park and surrounding area.

The concepts we teach using this valuable resource are:

  • Keeping Poultry
  • Enterprise - selling eggs and produce
  • Composting
  • Worm Farms
  • Vegetable Growing and Harvesting
  • Food Preparation
  • Community Awareness- newspaper articles, school newsletters
  • Working together with all age groups to achieve success
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainability
  • Farming practices and skills


Date last changed 9th June, 2016


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